SMPNS Director


San Mateo Parents’ Nursery School (SMPNS) seeks a new director-teacher to join our vibrant, in-demand, play based parent co-op.   We are a strong, financially sound, cooperative school that has been serving the community for more than 65 years.  The school has three additional full-time teachers, two part-time aides, seven co-oping adults per session and a strong volunteer-parent board.  As such, the new director-teacher will teach a full schedule, which is 5 days a week, approximately 6 hours per day.   The Director’s duties are completed outside teaching hours.  The Board of Directors and the Director work closely in partnership to ensure that the school is successful. The Board oversees and executes all operational aspects and the Director and teachers are responsible for the curriculum.  Our program serves children aged 2-5 and is mixed ages at all times, operating five days a week, offering families a fully customizable schedule for a maximum schedule of 7:45 A.M -6:00 P.M.


We believe that young children learn best when they actively explore their environment through play, and that young children are intrinsically motivated to do so when the environment supports this type of learning.  We believe young children’s social, emotional, language, physical and cognitive development is inter-related.  Therefore, we seek to educate the whole child.  The strength of our program lies in the combination of our excellent staff and involved parents as well as carefully keeping up with best practices in early childhood education while maintaining a strong sense of how our program serves families.



San Mateo Parents’ Nursery School is a diverse community dedicated to fostering the learning and growth of children and adults.  We are a non-profit, cooperative school, owned and operated by our members.  Our philosophy embraces the belief that children learn through play, with a curriculum emphasizing social and emotional development.  Our goal is to create a loving, supportive, empowering environment for families.


The Director both leads the organization and serves as a touchstone for all the members of the preschool.   By setting a welcoming and positive tone that pulls the best of everyone together, the Director maintains a positive program on both a big picture and day-to-day basis.  The Director would be available, making families feel like they belong and conveying a genuine sense of caring and concern for all.


Director’s Essential Duties are grouped as they relate to the Board of Directors and families and then to the teachers.  They include, but are not limited to:


Director’s duties as related to the Board of Directors and families:

  • Oversee the business functions executed by the Board (i.e. admissions, billing, budgeting, purchasing, fundraising, parent ed, and physical plant maintenance) and participating in committee work. 
  • Attend all Board meetings as a non-voting partner.  The Director also represents the teachers’ interests at these meetings.
  • Establish a close and positive relationship with students and families through daily interactions, board meetings, event participation and correspondence to our families.
  • Keep current and comply with licensing requirements including staff qualifications, teacher/child ratio and safety requirements.
  • Serve and fulfill the responsibilities as Site Administrator for State Preschool.  This includes attending state preschool meetings, compiling and filing reports, and the annual Program Review.


Director’s duties as related to the teachers:

  • Serve as the steward for the vision of the school, including planning and executing curriculum and activities with the team of teachers.  Maintain a safe and stimulating environment for children that supports their development, learning and social skills.
  • Participate in daily staff time and facilitate weekly and special teacher work days.
  • Manage hiring and training of staff, substitutes and aides and corresponding schedules.
  • Attend meetings, workshops, and other professional development activities to obtain current information and training.


Teacher Essential Duties:

  • The teacher has a dual role working closely both with the parents and their children and other staff members.
  • Together the teachers will plan, organize, and teach a program of developmentally appropriate activities for the children that covers all areas: music, gross and fine motor activities, sensory, art, science, math, literacy and imaginative play. These activities shall meet the range of ages and the developmental states represented by the children in the class and shall include opportunities for development of cognitive, social, emotional, physical skills and creative abilities, as well as conflict resolution skills.



  • Strong leadership, communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent organizational and creative problem-solving skills.
  • Flexibility
  • Energetic and passionate about working closely with children and families.   
  • Ability to excel in a dynamic workplace and a willingness to accept new challenges.
  • Co-op experience in a licensed preschool or preschool participating in the California State Preschool program a plus.
  • Finalists must successfully complete a background check prior to working at SMPNS. 
  • Ability to work 1-2 days/week to start training beginning in April 2015 a plus.



  • BA in ECE field preferred
  • Child Development Site Supervisor Permit or Child Development Program Director Permit issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing preferred, or equivalent combination of education and experience.


Compensation, etc.

  • We offer a competitive compensation & benefits package commensurate with experience.  This position will earn a salary for teaching, and a fixed stipend for Director’s duties.  Our calendar closely follows the San Mateo-Foster City school district calendar ( and has a summer session.  The 2015-16 calendar will be published by January 2015 taking into account the new, unified San Mateo-Foster City district calendar. 
  • The probationary period for this position is one year, with a 3-month and 6-month checkpoint.


Application instructions

  • In addition to the resume and cover letter, qualified applicants are invited to provide copies of relevant degree(s) and/or permit(s), transcripts, and three letters of recommendation.
  • Deadline to submit resumes is February 14, 2015.