San Mateo Parents Nursery School

Our Mission

San Mateo Parents’ Nursery School is a diverse community dedicated to fostering the learning and growth of children and adults. We are a non-profit, co-operative school, owned and operated by its members. Our goal is to create a loving, supportive, empowering environment for children and their families. We've been nurturing children and parents since 1947. SMPNS does not discriminate on the basis of sex, creed, cultural background, religion, ethnic origin or physical ability. We invite you to visit our remarkable school!

What is a co-operative?

A parent cooperative nursery school is a preschool that actively involves the parent on a weekly basis. At SMPNS, we require your participation for a session once a week. This means that during one of the sessions that your child is enrolled, you would also attend and participate in the classroom. We do make an effort to offer a number of non-cooperative spots. Please contact the school directly or visit our FAQ page for more information about our co-op program.