Meet the Board

SMPNS is a Co-Op, which means that it's run by the parents and staff.  The SMPNS Board works hard to bring educational, meaningful, and fun experiences to the students of SMPNS and their families.

Rachel, President

Hi! My name is Rachel Kammeyer. My family has been a part of SMPNS since the Fall of 2019 when my son William enrolled; my daughter Bridget currently attends two afternoons a week after TK. Our youngest, Genevieve, started a few mornings a week in the fall and loves her preschool so much! This will be my second term as President. I am very dedicated to this program and its amazing families and teachers! I am a licensed speech-language pathologist and stay at home parent. Being a part of SMPNS has been one of the most wonderful and magical experiences for our entire family. Please reach out if you have any questions about our program!